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What a cruel way to treat your uncle!

That’s what Walter Richardson (pictured) thought when a teen, who affectionately referred to him as “Unc,” helped to drive him to the VA Medical Center in Detroit on Friday and took off with his wheels–and his prosthetic leg inside of the trunk.

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“He’s always tried to make me think he was a good guy,” Richardson told Fox 2 News. “Unc, unc, I don’t do stuff like that.”

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Not to mention, he said that the teen helped him before. So that’s why Richardson had no problem accepting the offer of the unnamed teen to help drive him to his appointment. Once again, the teen showed kindness and offered Richardson a hand once they reached the VA.

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“I was trying to get out of the car because I did the driving, and then he said, ‘Unc.’ He said, ‘You’re doing too much.’ He said, ‘Let me have that stuff,’ so I gave him the stuff.”

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The teen then wheeled Richardson to the third-floor of the facility and told him that he needed to use the restroom. But he said the teen seemed to be taking way too long in the bathroom. Even after Richardson finished with his doctors, the young man still had not returned.

It was only after realizing that the teen had his car keys that he suspected his vehicle may have been stolen. When Richardson saw the space in which he parked his car was empty he said, ‘That (expletive) has got my car.'”

The teen allegedly took off with his 1999 black Ford Taurus with his prosthetic leg in the trunk and has not been seen since. Life has been rough for Richardson without his leg. He struggles to get around his home and is worried about how he will replace the stolen leg.

Richardson filed a stolen car report with the Detroit Police Department. A spokesperson with the department says they are confident  a suspect will be caught soon. Though that doesn’t make Richardson feel any better.

“This guy played me. He played me,” said Richardson. “I need that leg so bad.”

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