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Talk about a love seat!  Gerard Streator (pictured) of Wisconsin was arrested, when an off-duty officer witnessed him actually having sex with a couch that had been placed on a street curb, reports the Smoking Gun.

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Ryan Edwards, an off-duty policeman, was jogging at around 11:00 p.m. early this month, when he was stopped dead in his tracks by something he spotted in the distance. Edwards reportedly saw a man who appeared to be having sex with someone while he was leaning over a yellow abandoned couch, which sat on the street.

As the officer got closer, he realized that what he was actually witnessing was the man thrusting up and down by himself.

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When Edwards got close enough and  reportedly yelled, “What are you doing! Streator allegedly jumped up — sans his pants — and took off. It was at that point that the officer realized that Streator had been thrusting his pelvis in to the couch cushions trying to get some sexual gratification.

Edwards then chased Streator in to his apartment building and locked the door.  The next day, Streator was arrested at the hotel where he is employed and charged with lewd and lascivious conduct.

He is due in court on October 1.


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