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Last week, Twitter was all aflutter when Corde Broadus, Snoop Lion‘s (formerly Snoop Dogg) son, released photos of him smoking marijuana with his father. On Wednesday, Snoop explained his laissez faire philosophy toward parenting and discussed why he feels he is actually the best one to teach his kids how to smoke, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

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Eighteen-year-old Corde put up a number of controversial pictures that sent the Twittersphere buzzing: Both he and his father smoking marijuana together in a number of shots that would even make Jamaican legend Bob Marley envious.


Not surprisingly, blogs criticized Snoop’s parenting, saying he was a bad role model for his kids:

Mom Blog Cafe Mom called Snoop’s family toking a “parenting fail”:

I know what you’re thinking. Snoop Dogg/Lion/Hippopotamus smokes weed? I’m so … not … surprised!

But here’s what is surprising, y’all. This is a guy who has bragged about giving his kids a “normal existence” despite their dad’s fame. I’m not sure where “smoking a bong with dad” is considered normal, but it’s not the United States. It makes you wonder what his kids really think of him, doesn’t it? They certainly don’t respect him.

While “Hollywood Life’s William Earl blamed Snoop for derailing Corde’s college ambitions by turning him into a weed head:

Snoop: I know you’re a rap superstar, but Corde will not have a happy life if he just lives off all of your money doing nothing.
He seemed to be so ambitious and college-bound, but now he’s smoked it all away.To us, smoking pot with your teenage son is no way to set a good example, and you shouldn’t derail his collegiate dreams just because you love weed. I love your music, Snoop — but this is truly heartbreaking. I hope your other younger kids – Cordell and Cori Broadus — have more ambition. After all, Cori is already developing a singing career of her own!

Just in case you were wondering, Snoop doesn’t really care what others have to say about his parenting style. In fact, Snoop feels that — unlike deadbeat Dads out there — he is cementing his relationship with his children by not being a hypocrite:

“My kids can do whatever the hell they want. “For me to say otherwise would be hypocritical. A lot of motherf–ers don’t have a relationship with their kids, and that’s when they get on drugs and have suicidal thoughts and drive drunk. Me and my son is mellow. I’m his father, so I wanna show him the proper way because he looks up to me.”

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Not surprisingly, Snoop also believes that the legalization of marijuana would have a positive impact on our society:

“There would be less high-speed chases, less robberies, less crime,” he says. “Go to Amsterdam or the Netherlands where it is legal and you see that the crime rate is nonexistent, the murder rate is probably under 10 percent, people learn to get along! There are people riding on bicycles being happy and it’s because of the environment that’s provided by the legalization of marijuana.”

In July, Snoop changed his name to the aformentioned Snoop Lion, after going on a trip to Jamaica and being exposed to Rastafarianism. According to CNN, Snoop said that going to a Rasta temple changed his life:

“I want to bury Snoop Dogg and become Snoop Lion,” he said at a Monday press conference. “I didn’t know that until I went to the temple, where the high priest asked me what my name was, and I said, ‘Snoop Dogg.’ And he looked me in my eyes and said, ‘No more. You are the light; you are the lion.”

Watch his announcement here:

The watershed moment not only inspired Snoop’s name change but also the decision to sing reggae from now on rather than rap.

One doesn’t have to be a follower of Snoop’s music to see that his newfound faith is a seemingly logical progression in his life. It also further validates his practice of smoking with children. Still, it begs the question: