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A 60-year-old Oklahoma City, OK woman was mauled to death by a family pit bull on Wednesday night, CBS-affiliate WTVR reports.

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Nellie Davis (pictured above), moved into her granddaughter’s home where the attack took place after receiving a heart transplant and recovering from a subsequent illness. A thunderstorm in the area may have made the dog turn violent.

“She had a long illness, from Mother’s Day until a month ago, and finally she had a chance to come home,” the victim’s husband, Cleveland Davis, Sr., told WTVR. “You know, I have a heavy heart. She’s always been there for me.”

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When police arrived at the scene, they struggled to contain the dog. Unfortunately, they put it down. “You have to understand, the scene was quite gruesome, OKC Police Capt. Dexter Nelson said. “The lady died a horrific death.”

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Here is more from WTVR:

“Pit bulls need to be in the right setting; they can’t be kept in a cramped little bitty apartment,” neighbor Kenny Reeves said.

Neighbors said the two Pit bulls being kept in the apartment had a history of violence.

“I can tell you it’s not uncommon, issues with the dogs,” Reeves said. “The cops had been called before for the dogs fighting.”

“A week ago the dogs were fighting. You could hear people yelling at ‘em,” April Reeves said.

For his part, Cleveland hopes his wife of more than 30 years is remembered for more than just how she died.

“I really want everyone to know she was a strong lady and a proud lady,” Davis said. “She never complained although she went through so much.”

Police are investigating Davis’ death but it is unclear at this point whether criminal charges will be pursued. An investigation into whether cops were justified in shooting the dog is also underway.