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Craig Cromartie (pictured), a career criminal who has been arraigned a staggering 315 times was indicted by a grand jury Wednesday on charges that he burglarized apartments and homes in Newton, Massachusetts and other area communities.

Police from several jurisdictions also suspect that Cromartie is responsible for over 200 break-ins which netted over one million dollars in stolen goods, reports the Boston Globe.

Cromartie was indicted for a laundry list of burglary-related charges –unarmed burglary (five counts), attempted unarmed burglary (four counts), breaking and entering a building in the nighttime with intent to commit a felony, possession of burglarious tools, larceny (five counts), receiving stolen property (five counts), wanton destruction of property (two counts), being a habitual offender, being a common and notorious thief, and being a common and notorious receiver.

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Even though the 44-year-old man’s adult police criminal background dates back to 1985, and he has over 100 entries on his Board of Probation record, ironically, he has never served a lengthy jail sentence.

The burglary spree in question stems from break-ins that span from December 2011 to June 2012 in Middlesex County.  Cromartie is suspected of robbing two large apartment complexes, in addition to actually breaking into and attempting to burglarize several apartments in Framingham and Natick.

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When police investigators executed a search warrant to gain entry into their suspect’s home and hotel room in Framingham where he had been temporarily staying, they discovered stolen goods that had been reported taken from the various Middlesex County towns.  Police allegedly uncovered stolen merchandise such as jewelry, computers, clothing, handbags, other personal items and $20,000 in cash.

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Cromartie, who was arrested in June and who is also facing charges similar to those he was indicted for in Norfolk and Suffolk Counties, still faces an arraignment date which has not been set.

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