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T-Boz (pictured), one-third of the R&B group TLC, is reportedly getting her own reality show, “Totally T-Boz,” which will air on the TLC cable network in 2013, according to TMZ.

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The show will center around T-Boz, whose actual name is Tionne Watkins, and her journey as a single Mom trying to revive her singing career.

Since T-Boz’s recording career has somewhat faded into black, the performer has had a slew of problems, from health to financial, to marital, that she’s battled.

Regarding her health, T-Boz, who announced that she has sickle cell disease back in 1996, was hospitalized for four months in 2002 due to complications from it. And in 2009, she announced that she had a potentially fatal brain tumor, which affected her balance, hearing, sight, and facial movement.  At the time, T-Boz sought help from several doctors, but they refused to remove the growth because of her sickle cell illness. The light at the end of her tunnel came when a physician at Los Angeles’ famed Cedar Sinai Hospital made the decision to remove the tumor. While T-Boz survived the surgery, she actually had to learn how to walk and talk again.

During her health crisis, the 42-year-old singer has also had marital woes that eventually lead to a divorce from gangsta rapper Mack 10.  T-Boz alleged that her ex-husband was a serial cheater who threatened to kill her, so she was forced to get a restraining order to protect herself.  The rapper denied the allegations.

Financially, the sometimes-actress has also had her fair share of struggles.  In November 2011, T-Boz was forced to file for bankruptcy again.  The filing was not due to elaborate spending practices but due to a lack of income coming in to the household.  Reportedly in 2011, from January through October, T-Boz earned only $14,000.  At the time, her monthly expenses totaled about $8,821, and of this number, $5,170 was for her mortgage alone.

Last April, T-Boz announced a comeback TLC tour that would feature bandmate Rozanda “Chilli” Thomas and a hologram of the late group member Lisa ‘Left-Eye’ Lopes, but so far, there has been no further updates regarding this news.

As for her new show, it will feature T-Boz’s daughter with Mack-10, her brother, and other extended family members.  The show’s filming is taking place at her home in Atlanta.

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