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Ashley Bellamy (pictured) was arrested Monday morning, along with her boyfriend Marcus Gibson, for trying to sell crack vials at a Philadelphia-area Wawa convenience store, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer.  But what got the attention of local police, was where Bellamy concealed the drugs: her vagina.

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An unidentified middle-aged man reportedly attempted to buy crack from Bellamy and Gibson, who were parked outside the store and sitting in an SUV. When the man walked up to the vehicle and tried to hand the pair $50, Gibson allegedly pulled out a gun and demanded that the buyer return to the convenience store to get more cash.

When the man returned to the store, instead of getting more money from the ATM, he called police to report that there was a man inside an SUV at the store’s parking lot who was brandishing a gun.

Once police arrived on the scene and asked Bellamy to exit the vehicle, a female officer noticed that the 22-year-old woman was walking in an odd manner, as if she was harboring a large object between her legs. Before the officer could pat Bellamy down, the young woman confessed that she had 36 vials of crack in a bag that she had inserted in to her vagina.

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Gibson told police that the drugs actually belonged to him and that he asked Bellamy to hide them when police pulled up on them.

Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood quips, “It’s true love in the ‘hood,” he said. “Thank God the lady didn’t have a snake or a crocodile, or we’d really have been in trouble.”

The couple was charged with possession with the intent to deliver and related offenses.  Officials could not, however, get the pair on any gun-related charges because Gibson allegedly got rid of the evidence and refused to divulge its whereabouts.

A real “vile” ride-or-die chick!