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It seems like Detroit’s top cop has been chasing women instead of bad guys.

The city’s Police Chief Ralph Godbee Jr. was suspended on Tuesday after a female officer alleged that she had an affair with him–the second time he has been accused of an affair with a subordinate officer, Fox 2 News in Detroit reports.

Godbee is married, a father and, of course, a minister.

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Officer Angelica Robinson, who referred to herself as Godbee’s former lover to Fox 2 News, says that she was in a romantic relationship with the Chief for “many months.”

“That is not the pastor Godbee that he portrays to be,” Robinson told Fox News Detroit. “He is a sex addict. He loves to have sex with all (kinds) of women. One woman does not satisfy him.”

Robinson is also married and a mother.

On Saturday, she sent him angry tweet messages after she believed he shared his hotel room with another woman during a police convention in San Diego this weekend. She referred to his alleged affair as, “f**ked up.”

But what is really “f**ked up” is the disturbing photo of herself holding her Detroit Police issued 9 millimeter Glock in her mouth on her Twitter account (above). The weapon has since been taken away as she undergoes an evaluation.

When Godbee learned of the tweets and the photo, he called the Detroit Police Department and marshaled already scarce resources to find out where Robinson was. Cops discovered that she was in an apartment in Farmington Hills, a suburb of Detroit. However, before leave Detroit, police did not notify Farmington police that they were in their jurisdiction.

Sources close to Godbee claim that the chief says Robinson is a stalker, but his phone messages to her tell a different story. The chief allegedly got her a job in internal affairs and gave her a call to see how she liked her to gig. Her is a rundown from a few of those calls, according to Fox 2 News:

Call 1: “…just calling to say hello. This is 7:51 on Monday evening. Hope you had a great first day at your new assignment. Alright, talk to you.”

Call 2: “Good morning. Hope this message finds you well. Called to say hello. Had to go up to Michigan State to get my daughter so I’ll be out of pocket for a little while. But I will be back this afternoon, so I’ll try hitting you back then. Alright.”

After Detroit Mayor Dave Bing learned of the allegations, he placed Godbee on suspension and released this statement:

“After learning of the allegations regarding Chief Ralph Godbee, I have placed him on a 30-day suspension pending a full and thorough investigation of this matter,” Bing said in a statement. “In the interim, Assistant Chief Chester Logan will assume the duties and responsibilities of police chief.”

Back in 2010 when Godbee took over as Detroit’s Chief of Police, he replaced former Chief Warren Evans who was fired, in part, for having an affair with a subordinate officer, Lt. Monique Patterson. Patterson later released text messages alleging that she had an affair with Godbee, according to the Detroit Free Press.