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The former Knicks executive who won more than $11 million in a sexual harassment suit against Isiah Thomas says she doesn’t feel sorry for the fallen Knicks coach — even if he was hospitalized after taking too many sleeping pills.

“I’ve said all along he should have time to reflect on how badly he’s treated people over the years,” former team executive Anucha Browne Sanders told the New York Post. “Now that he’s not working, he should think about the victims of Isiah.”

She added, “I don’t feel sorry for him. You make your bed, you lie in it.”

Sanders won her lawsuit against Thomas and Madison Square Garden last year, after testifying that he had used crude language with her and she endured unwanted advances from him.

The onetime Detroit Piston star was removed as the Knicks’ president and coach following the team’s dismal season, but was retained by the organization as an adviser and consultant.

Last Friday, authorities were called to Thomas’ Westchester County home, where police said a 47-year-old man was taken to the hospital and treated for an overdose of sleeping pills.

Thomas told the Post he wasn’t the one who was hospitalized, but his teenage daughter, who reportedly suffers from hypoglycemia, which causes occasional fainting spells.

Harrison Police Chief David Hall said Thomas is “trying to cover it up. He’s not telling the truth. It was a 47-year-old black man.”

Sanders said she isn’t surprised if Thomas used his daughter, given his general disregard for women.

She was fired from her Knicks job after complaining about Thomas’ conduct, and now works as an associate athletic director at the University of Buffalo.