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A 77-year-old New Jersey woman has been accused of shooting her husband of 54 years to death after allegedly suffering years of abuse at his hands, NBA 10 Philadelphia reports.

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Fredericka Rosa (above) was charged with first-degree murder and a firearm charge for the murder of her husband, Valpa Rosa Sr., 79, the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office announced on Tuesday.

Local police were called to the couple’s home two days after Mrs. Rosa allegedly told her children that she killed her husband. Mr. Rosa was reportedly found with gunshot wounds to the neck and head.

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A .357 Magnum was found on the scene. reports that, during the two days Mr. Rosa’s body remained in the home, Mrs. Rosa prepared food for him and even checked on him when he didn’t show up for dinner.

Mrs. Rosa’s children told NBC 10 that their mother suffers from dementia and she snapped after suffering years of abuse from her husband. “He drove her insane,” daughter Rosetta Rosa told the TV station. “He drove her to the point where she picked up the gun and shot him.”

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“I understand why my mama did it,” Valpa Rosa Jr. said.

In addition to dementia, the daughter says her mother has a physical disability and “Alzheimer’s disease, leading her children to taking two full days before they reported their father’s death to police,” according to NBC 10.

Mrs. Rosa is free on $150,000 bail as she awaits arraignment.