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The NY Games Conference held by Digital Media Wire took place earlier in September, and I had a chance to chat with a few folks and look at emerging technologies at the conference.

Three items really stood out to me and I’ll talk about them briefly here. I’ve also included some video of my conversations with them.

Image Metrics (3D Technology Company):

I spoke with Robert Gehorsam who is the CEO of the company. They have a few products, some of which they couldn’t show us yet, because they were unreleased, that were really fascinating. I was extremely impressed with the performance of the technology that he showed me and you can take a look at the video below. In a nutshell, what sets the company apart is the fact that they can drive 3D renders of either avatars, or a 3D version of yourself extremely acurately, with almost any camera, on a mobile device.They’ve done work on such films as the Wolfman and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Starz Game:

I also caught up with David Katz, VP of Starz Digital Media as he talks about the gaming initiatives the company has undertaken surrounding their popular shows. Of course Starz has some compelling content, and to keep customers engaged, they’ve turned to some interesting sources such as gaming. Check out the conversation below.

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