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We all know that Snoop Dogg “don’t love them hoes.” But in his recent Instagram repost of a tweet, “Why I’m Not Voting For Romney” list, the weed-tokin’ MC makes it clear that he doesn’t love GOP candidate Mitt Romney, either.

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The list, originally created by Twitter user @DragonflyJonez, was reposted by Snopp D-O Double G yesterday. Some of the list’s reasons for for not voting for Mr. Mittens includes:

1) He a white nig*a

2)This muthaf**ka’s name is Mitt

3) Bi*ch got a dancing horse

4) He a h*

5) he looks like he say n**ga all the time

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Yes, indeed, the list reads like a gangsta’s guide on why Mr. Mittens is not the man for the job. And, with hood-like analysis, the list points to reasons why he is casting his ballot for President Barack Obama:

1) He is a black nig*a

2) He mad cool yo

3) That nig*a look like he can fight

4) He wears a durag like me

5) Michelle got a fat a**

We know, the last part is a bit much to say the least. But the post has more than 35565 “likes” and 3,428 comments as of 1:38 p.m.

The full list is below:

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