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Using Korean star Psy‘s international hit “Gangnam Style” as their inspiration, comic website College Humor released a hilarious parody on Tuesday that highlights all the things we’ve come to detest about GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Cleverly coined “Mitt Romney Style,” it is only a matter of time before this precise portrayal goes viral.

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In the video, a Mitt Romney impersonator sports Romney’s signature haircut and GOP-inspired red tie on a golf course that the nominee presumably owns. Seemingly sunbathing in the cut, he opens with:

I got a horse in the Olympics and I don’t even watch ’em. I jump in and out of tax loopholes ’cause I’m so f*cking awesome

B*tch you know it’s Friday night, you know we benefit hopping

Check my conspicuous consumption.

With money blowing on him as if he were walking down a runway, “Romney” continues:

I got distinguished hair and a private jet that flies me in the air

Buy and sell ya company with so much savoir faire

I bought a mansion for each one of my two dozen heirs

Straight up millionaire

Vacillating between the golf course, a men’s spa, and horse stables, the next scene show’s Romney in a dinner hall, patting a waiter, who has a 47 percent sign affixed to his back with the obnoxious chorus:

Affluence, extravagance, that’s Mitt, yeah that’s so Mitt

Profits, investments, that’s Mitt,

You should elect me cause I got so much monayyyyyyyyyy!

Just when you think the video can’t get anymore accurate — and the cast has finished doing their posh gangnum dance rendition — out jumps “Paul Ryan” out of an expensive car with an annoyingly bright yellow suit, rapping:

I’m a VP nominee, yo budgets I be cutting

I’ll cut ya social safety net, you losers ain’t got nothin’

Gotta stop snoozing, start hustlin’

Two peas in a pod, “Romney” jumps back in the clip, reminding viewers –in case they forgot — of his excessively opulent lifestyle:

I got large amounts in Swiss bank accounts

[Chuck] Norris and [Clint] Eastwood in my vacation house

Talking wine and cheese mad ivy degrees

While this is obviously meant to be for laughs, it is amazing how dead on the producers are of Romney’s ubiquitous opulence and demeanor. This video — along with its inherent elitism and comfy quarters — would make Mother Teresa gag.

Watch the video in its entirety here:

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