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Police in Charlotte, N. C., are delving into a case involving a high school student who thought his technical education, Ellen Vick, needed more junk in her trunk. So the student allegedly made the decision to spike her coffee with butt enhancement pills during class, according to Gawker.

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Local authorities claim the drug that was put in Vick’s coffee is called “GluteBoost,” which is a supplement that claims to plump butts up. School officials discovered an empty package of the supplement–three capsules had been emptied and one was left untouched. It is not known where exactly the packet was found.

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The supplement, which on its site claims to be “the most powerful all-natural butt enhancement supplement available,” sells for upwards of $42 per bottle.

Police are still investigating Vick’s allegations and so far, there have been no arrests.  School administrators state that the student has been disciplined according to the district’s code of conduct.

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The latest teacher’s beverage spiking episode is certainly nothing new. Back in 2008, Knoxville News Sentinel reported three Lake City, Tenn., eighth graders decided to pour some Germ-X hand sanitizer into their teacher’s soft drink. Unbeknownst to her, the teacher drank the beverage and became nauseated soon after.  Luckily, she did not require medical attention. The kids, who fessed up to their crime, were looking at probable police charges of aggravated assault.

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Last year, NBC News reported an Oakland, Calif., that a high school student allegedly flavored a teacher’s coffee with bleach and dry erase cleaning fluid when she had her back turned. When the teacher took a sip of the putrid drink, she immediately spit it out.  It was later discovered that the teacher had caught the student with liquor on campus and the beverage spiking was pay back. The teacher was not injured, so she did not want to press criminal charges against the student.

However, authorities were not so forgiving and were still looking to prosecute the kid.

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