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Endorsements for Obama are coming from all angles of the political and media spectrum. He is getting endorsements from cast members of critically acclaimed TV Shows, GOP senators, Oscar winning actors, and major conservative newspapers.

In the run up to the election, everybody seems to pulling out last minute endorsement for Barack Obama. While Matt Damon has been public in support for Obama and openly critical of Palin, he is now campaigning for Obama in Florida.

Sarah Palin’s hometown newspaper, The Anchorage Daily News, has also endorsed Obama, citing questions of Palin’s ability to lead.

The Financial Times, a conservative newspaper, has also endorsed Obama, citing his superbly run campaign.

Former Republican South Dakota Senator,  Larry Pressler, the first Vietnam veteran to serve in the US senate, has also endorsed Obama, citing his ability to handle the financial crisis over McCain’s.

Cast members of HBO’s critically acclaimed TV show, the Wire have also been campaigning for Obama in North Carolina.

The former Republican Governor of Massachusetts, William Weld has also endorsed Obama, citing Obama’s good judgment, “deep sense of calm” and “first-class political temperament.”