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With President Barack Obama hard on the campaign trail after a poor showing during last week’s presidential debate against Mitt Romney, the commander-in-chief called a familiar voice to plead his case to the American people.

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In an amazing display of self-awareness, Obama admitted to his stumbles and stressed the importance of voting among the African-American bloc on the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show.

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Obama, who called in from Ohio during a campaign stop, responded candidly to Joyner’s question regarding his debate performance against Romney.

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“I think it’s fair to say I was just too polite,” Obama told the radio shock jock. “Because, you know, it’s hard to sometimes just keep on saying and what you’re saying isn’t true. It gets repetitive. But the good news is that’s just the first one.”

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Obama wisely addressed African-American voters on the morning program, highlighting his administrations accomplishments for the middle class that include various tax credits, job training programs, healthcare reform and the slowly improving economy.

“The unemployment rate has dropped from 10 points, multiple percentage points for everybody. Not just the total population, but the African-American community,” Obama said.

President Obama expressed confidence that Vice President Joe Biden will perform well against Romney running mate Paul Ryan in Thursday’s debate. He also stressed that while Romney’s upswing is notable, that he and his campaign are prepared to fight until the end.

With two more presidential debates coming on October 16 and 22, Obama will  have a chance to win the hearts and votes of the American people once more.

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