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Jacqueline BurseJacqueline Burse, 53, was arrested on charges of child neglect and resisting law enforcement, but not before she allegedly offered sexual favors to her arresting officers, reports KTLA.com.

Burse, who has a history of prostitution, was taking care of her 2-year-old granddaughter, when the child’s other grandmother called police because she suspected she was intoxicated. The officers arrived at the motel where Burse was staying and found her naked and belligerent.

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The frisky granny allegedly cursed at the officers, before resorting to her old tricks (no pun intended).”Do you want some of me?” she asked suggestively while moving her legs, according to the Indianapolis Star. Usually that question is an invitation to fight, but allegedly, not this time.

According to KTLA, in addition to prostitution, Burse has previously been arrested for public intoxication, drugs and assault.

The toddler was taken away by Child Protective Services, who had been called to the scene.


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