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Rosie Perez mocks Mitt Romney over his “it would be easier if I were Latino” comments in a video posted on And boy, is it funny!

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“Actually Mitt, that is so true,” Perez says in the video. “All you have to do is look at the statistics and Mitt’s point becomes crystal clear. Hispanics represent 17 percent of the population and account for less than 2 percent of all elected and appointed officials.

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“The advantage is obvious,” she adds sarcastically.

While the GOP candidate has been lambasted for his remarks about the “47 percent” (which he later said were misspoken), Perez is the first notable celebrity to satirize the Latino part of the video that was first published by Mother Jones.

(Go to NewsOne for the full video of Romney’s remarks)

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The hilarity of the two and a half minute clip intensified when she named the “Latino presidents” that have occupied the Oval Office.

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“Think of all of our Hispanic-American presidents. From Jorge Washington to Jorge Bush. And who can forget Presidente Jimmy Smits,” Perez cracks in the video, referring to President Santos from the show “The West Wing.”

And if cracking on his Latino comments wasn’t enough, Perez reminded us of that brownface he wore during his appearances at Latino forums.

“You didn’t have to go full John Boehner on the spray tan,” she joked. CLASSIC!

The video featuring Perez, along with other political parodies on, is part of a campaign backed by the Jewish Council for Education and Research and the American Bridge 21st Century, according to the New York Daily News. aims to spread “the truth, because the truth matters — even in politics,” according to its website.

Check out the clip for yourself.

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