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Lamonica Anganette Hill (pictured) told fire investigators the reason she set her apartment on fire while her heavily medicated son slept in another room was because while she was sleepwalking, she was dreaming about grilling. But officials aren’t buying her story. Police officers placed Hill under arrest and charged her with first-degree arson and attempted murder on Monday, but there is a possibility that more charges could be added to the case, reports ABC 36.

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Fire investigators found evidence that contradicts Hill’s story and indicates she intentionally set the blaze. “I can’t speculate on her motive to telling that story, but obviously, we had enough evidence to show that was not the case in this situation,” Capt. Carrie Bowling of the Lexington Fire Department told ABC 36. The motive for the act of arson, though, could not be revealed because the case is still being investigated.

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The 41-year-old Lexington, Ky., Mother allegedly ignited the flames on September 13 at around 1 a.m. According to police, Hill’s young son had apparently been given an excessive dose of a medication that placed him in a state of heavy sedation. As to the type of medication that was given to the child and the dose that was administered, no information has been released thus far.

Hill and her son managed to escape the blaze safely with the help of a 911 dispatcher who guided her via phone.

While Hill has pleaded not guilty to her charges, a Fayette County judge has set her bond to $500,000 and ordered a comprehensive care assessment.

Hill’s child has been placed with a caregiver and is reportedly doing well.

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