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Controversial funnyman Katt Williams (pictured) was cuffed by the LAPD early Wednesday morning at a Hollywood club hot spot for suspicion of a gun violation, reports TMZ.

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Reportedly, police were summoned when someone at the Supper Club called in a complaint about a patron brandishing a gun. When police officers arrived at the club, all fingers pointed to Williams as the possible suspect who had been waving a gun around.

When officers searched Williams, they did not discover a weapon on him but did discover one his vehicle.

Williams, along with two of his cohorts, were taken in to custody for questioning. The 39-year-old performer was later released, along with one of his entourage members and no charges have been filed against them. One of the men, however, remained incarcerated for charges stemming from a traffic warrant.

The weapon that was found in Williams’ vehicle was unregistered and police are trying to find its owner.

Meanwhile, Williams, who coincidentally was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport back in 2006 after a stolen gun was found in his briefcase, says that his present brush with the law is just “all a misunderstanding.”