A group of Black supporters under the moniker,”Obama Supporters For Brown,” are campaigning in Boston for U.S. Senator Scott Brown, a White Republican candidate who is in a tight Senate race in Massachusetts against his Democratic challenger, Elizabeth Warren.

However, this band of Black folks are working for a small fee, the Boston Herald reports.

Homeless people and others are being paid a “per diem” of $8 per hour to wear T-shirts in areas that are considered Warren strongholds. Benjamin Thompson, a former Boston city employee, is running Obama Supporters For Brown out of a storefront in the city.

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The state’s GOP MassVictory program is paying for the effort. The per diem is suppose to pay for child care and other costs, “works out to” roughly $8 an hour, the Globe quotes Thompson as saying.

He says he is supporting Brown because he wants to let Black folks know they have choices.

“We want to let black people know that they actually have an option. This state is controlled by the Democrats to the extent that before we came here on Thursday the Warren office was closed every day,” Thompson said. “They’ve put no money in the black community because urban America, the black community is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic party. If I had my way, every black person in America would be unenrolled and you’d have to fight for our votes.

“I’m voting for two incumbents who have a track record: that’s Obama and Brown. I know what they stand for,” Thompson added. “I don’t like every vote Scott Brown has taken but I respect the fact that I know what he stands for.”

Well, we know that Thompson and his fellow Brown supporters are standing for something alright: $8 per hour.

According to the article, Obama Supporters For Brown came to life after Warren won key endorsements from Mayor Thomas M. Menino and leading black ministers in Boston. It was a critical blow to Brown’s efforts to campaign in the city.

Well, if you can’t get Black folks to help support you, paying them may work. Though, Warren is leading the incumbent by as many as six points in the polls, so that may not work, either.

Good luck Mr. Brown! You certainly need it.

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