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Davonte Kelly is out of the hospital and ready to hit the baseball diamond again.

The Brooklyn, N.Y., 11-year-old struck in the skull by a stray bullet at a baseball field on Sunday walked out of the hospital Wednesday morning, not only feeling better with “no headaches or anything,” but eager to get back to doing what he loves most — playing ball.

“I am going to practice. I told my mom I am going to go downstairs and throw the ball against the wall and catch it for 30 minutes every day and exercise my muscles,” Kelly said in a press conference at Brookdale University Hospital, where he’d been since the bullet became lodged in his skull Sunday.

Kelly said he was struck by the bullet when he was walking over to talk to a coach at the Starrett City field. He said he felt “what I thought was a hard ball” in the back of his head, and it wasn’t until he underwent X-rays at the emergency room that it was a determined to be a 9mm bullet.

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