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POTUS on Romney: You keep trying to “airbrush history.” —  kws #N1debate2012

Both Romney/POTUS agrees that China has potential to be a global partner. They have to say that, we owe them money. — kws #N1debate2012


POTUS dodges drone question, which has received heavy criticism for his administration. —  kws #N1debate2012

Romney says he agrees with POTUS on increased drone use, which has been responsible for many civilian deaths.  — kws #N1debate2012


POTUS said his trip to Israel was to remind him of the evil in the world and reaffirm solidarity with Israel. Insinuates that Romney went to fundraise.  — kws #N1debate2012

“Nothing [Romney] just said is true.” — POTUS #N1debate2012


Still no mention of excessive drone use. How will POTUS respond?  — kws #N1debate2012

HA! POTUS clowns Romney’s grasp on military needs. We have less ships, according to Romney? “We also have fewer horses and bayonets.” — POTUS   #N1debate2012

POTUS calls out Romney for taking credit for education reform in Mass when it took place before he got into office. — kws #Romnesia #N1debate2012


POTUS extremely comfortable here. Our relationship in “Europe, Asia and Africa has never been stronger.”  – kws #N1debate2012

Romney struggling to frame foreign policy around domestic economy where he feels comfortable. — kws  N1debate2012


POTUS says that we have neglected our own American issues, in favor of “experimental nation building.” Excellent point. #N1debate2012 –kws


POTUS/Romney debate Syria. Calls Syria an “opportunity” for America. The lives lost aren’t an “opportunity” Governor. #N1debate2012 kws


1st Romney flip-flop of the night. 1st he says we can’t “kill our way out of” now he says we must “kill” our enemies #Romnesia #N1debate2012 — kws


9: 05 PM EST: Romney says we can’t “kill our way out of” our global conflicts. Isn’t that what conservatives are known for? #CowboyPolitics #N1debate2012 – kws

9:00 PM EST: The candidates will not be able to dodge their foreign policy positions tonight. First question: Libya #N1debate2012   -kws

Monday night, President Barack Obama (pictured left) and Republican nominee Mitt Romney (pictured) will square off at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Fla. Scheduled to argue over foreign policy at 9 p.m. EST, President Obama and Governor Romney are sure to make memorable remarks. Tune in with NewsOne as we contextualize key standout moments and determine who prevailed during the 90-minute time bloc.

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