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By the time local police reached Jargget Washington (pictured) at a busy Jersey City intersection, he was stripped naked and had attacked passing cars with his bare hands in a bizarre act of public disturbance, The Jersey Journal reports.

Washington, whom police believe appeared to be high off PCP,  pounded on cars as they passed by and screamed incoherently at the passengers. At one point, the 29-year-old jumped on the hood, then roof of one vehicle and tried to pry the driver out. The motorist managed to fend Washington off until officers arrived at 7:45 pm.

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When Washington faced police, he immediately assumed a fighting stance allegedly stating “Come on, come on,” to cops. Officers did manage to restrain the man and took him to the Jersey City Medical Center where he was medically and psychologically cleared. Police then escorted the young man, who was dressed in hospital garb, to a holding cell. But Washington defecated on himself while in the back of the police cruiser.

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While in a holding cell and still handcuffed, police state that Washington’s temper flared as they tried to question him. He repeatedly spat at officers then ate the medical ID bracelet issued by the hospital. Police also allege that the Union City resident began to voraciously chew at his wrists as he tried unsuccessfully to remove his handcuffs.

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Jersey City police had to place their prisoner in leg irons and a spit hood, so that he could no longer hail saliva at them. Washington was returned to the medical center for further evaluation.  The attending physicians cleared and let Washington go for further processing in the criminal justice system.

“When (Washington) was released the hospital felt that he wasn’t a threat to himself or others,” hospital spokesman Mark Rabson told The Jersey Journal.

The hospital was wrong.

While in a holding cell at the jail, Washington then took his frenzied behavior to another level by biting off one of his fingers and swallowing it.

Police have charged Washington with carjacking, throwing bodily fluids at law enforcement officers and being under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance.

Washington was just released from jail last January after having served over three years for selling drugs, according to The Jersey Journal.