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Tiara Stevens and her 14-year-old son (both pictured) have a very close and loving relationship but sometimes she gets confused by their relationship. One day, she sees the child as her son and the following day as her brother. That’s because he is actually both.

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Stevens, who lives in Lancaster County, S.C., says she was sexually abused by her father as a child and was only 12-years-old when she gave birth to her son. Now the young mom is seeking justice against her dad and refuses to settle for just probation; she wants him put behind bars,  WIS-TVreports.

Stevens says she was too young to understand what was going while her father allegedly molested her.  “He never told me what he was doing,” said Stevens. “It was just late at night. He would come in, take my clothes off, and he would have sex. And he would leave and he would say, ‘You better not stay up all night,’ and I would go in the bathroom and I would cry. The next night he may not do it, but the next night, he would repeat the same thing.”

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When Stevens was pregnant, she says she was clueless about it. The now 27-year-0ld mother says it was not until her dad felt the baby kick while he was having sex with her that she found out about the pregnancy. A few days later, she went into labor. So Stevens never receive any prenatal care and claims that she never really “got big or nothing.”

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After Steven’s gave birth to her son, the Department of Social Services stepped in to investigate the case.  A child herself at the time of the birth, Stevens gave the investigators a statement in January 1999. She was also given a paternity test which confirmed that her dad had in fact fathered the child, according to WIS-TV.

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Stevens has been waiting 14 years for some form of justice against her father’s alleged crimes. The case has finally made its way inside a courtroom. A trial is set for November 5. The waiting game for Stevens has not been easy, however. During this time, her son has had some health issues because of the closeness of their gene pool. He is albino and legally blind. Though, Stevens says that the boy is as smart as a whip and has a strong affinity for computers.

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She says that each day, as she gazes at her son and worries about his health issues, she thinks about how easy her father has it. She says that she is struggling and her father is not. “Everyday, I look at my son, his health conditions because of what [my father] did, so [my father] has actually got it easy. I’m the one that’s got it so hard,” Stevens told WIS-TV.

Stevens, who has no contact with her father, has now come to fully understand the depravity of his actions over the years and is prayerful that he will be punished for his crimes at next month’s trial.


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