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In a blatant act of pure perversion, an unidentified man was caught on camera putting his hand up the legs of a sleeping woman on a New York City subway train, Gothamist reports.

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Jasheem Smiley says he boarded the southbound 4-train at 116th Street and noticed the woman was sleeping with her iPhone on her knee. Smiley says someone could have easily snatched it, so he tapped her on the foot and advised her to put the phone in her purse. She did so and went back to sleep.

The pervert boarded the train at the 96th Street Station in Manhattan around 3 a.m. on Saturday and had his eyes set on the sleeping woman according Smiley.

“He gave her a look like he knew her or something, and I turned the music off in my headphones to hear what was going on,” he said. “When he started touching her that’s when I turned my camera on. My jaw dropped. I had never seen anything like this before.”

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In the video, the man is seen giving the unsuspecting woman a full finger rubdown. Amazingly, she doesn’t wake up.

“We told him, ‘that’s not right!’ But he kept touching her, so I kicked her foot so she’d wake up, but she didn’t,” Smiley said. “Then he put his arm around her to try and pull her closer and that’s when she woke up. She gave him a look like, ‘who the hell are you?’ and punched him in the cheek…She punched him pretty hard.”

Theoman got off at the next stop. But by time Smiley showed the conductor the video and stopped the train, the perv was long gone.

When asked by commenter of his video why he didn’t stop the man while he was assaulting the woman, he made it clear that he only recorded 18 seconds of the act to get proof. After that, Smiley says he contacted the conductor and law enforcement.

The perv is still on the loose.

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