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In order to proactively counteract the voter suppression efforts of the right across the country, which now include sending out wrong voting dates and venues in mailers and fliers, organizations, such as the Advancement Project, are ramping up their get-out-the-vote efforts with public service announcements (PSAs) from celebrities. Headlining this effort is music producer and Black Eyed Peas member, whose recent PSA encourages the public to vote.

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In a tight camera shot with a black background, gets right to the point in his 30-second spot:

 You have the whole world depending on you not to vote. You have the whole world saying don’t even come to the ballot.

I say, Prove them wrong. Come as an individual, come as a collective. Go to your ballot, show your voice and be as loud as amplifiers, be as loud as rock & roll. Be as loud as triumph.

If his message still hasn’t inspired you to vote, adds:

Go out and activate yourself and show that you ain’t a punk.

Other high-profile celebrities who have joined in for the voting cause are lawyer and TV personality Star Jones and actress Jessica Alba. Watch them team up with here:, Jones, and Alba collectively encourage voters to learn how to “protect your vote”at, so they can be informed about state-by-state voting rules, accurate polling venues, and what to do if there are any voting issues on Election Day.

Check the website out for yourself here.

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