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Election 2012

With 11 days left until the 2012 presidential election, a lot of registered voters are still undecided on whether President Obama or Gov. Mitt Romney is the better leader for the nation. While we believe the president will walk away with the W, the thought of living in Romney presidential America quite frankly, scares us! NewsOne asked our readers how they would feel if President Obama only served one term. Read what Gretta Michelle had to say.

No matter which candidate wins the election, America is going straight to hell.

If the president is re-elected, congress will continue to block everything he his trying to accomplish and continue to let the American people suffer. And the racist are going to flip out and sadly, I believe one will actually take a shot at Mr. Obama.

If Mr Romney wins, we haven’t a clue what to expect because he has changed directions too many times to count. I do believe women’s lives will immediately change and not.for the.better. We will no longer be treated as equals. The middle-class will suffer and many will find themselves at or below poverty level and the poor will find themselves struggling like never before.

I fear for our country.

Gretta Michelle

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