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Now that the 2012 presidential election is down to the wire, Republicans have naturally gotten in line to endorse and support present party leader Mitt Romney. But just a few months ago, many were vociferous in their criticism of the ex-Bain Capital CEO. Labeling him “dishonest” and a “serial flip-flopper,” Republican leaders, such as Newt Gingrich, Donald Trump, Rudolph Giuliani, and Rick Santorum, among others, were quite clear why a “Mitt Romney for President” should not happen. Think I’m just another liberal promoting President Barack Obama‘s talking points? Then see it for yourself in a viral YouTube video entitled “Why Republicans Say You SHOULDN’T Vote for Mitt Romney.”

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The video kicks off with Rudy Giuliani, the former Mayor of New York, saying, “I ran against him in ’07 and ’08, I’ve never seen a guy change his positions on so many

things, so fast on a dime.”

Rick Santorum comes up a few moments later stating, “This is someone who doesn’t have a core. He’s been on either side of every single issue for the past 10 years.” Then Newt Gingrich is next with “I just think he ought to be honest with the American people and try to win as the real Mitt Romney not try to invent a poll-driven, consultant-guided version that goes around with talking points. And I think he ought to be candid.”

Oh, and there’s much, much, more.

Ron Paul barely stifles a laugh when he says, “We just call him a serial flip-flopper.” And after 2008 presidential GOP nominee John McCain calls him an outright “fraud,” Rep. Louie Gohmer (R-Texas) allegedly jokes to a crowd that “if you’re not sure about wanting to support Mitt Romney, whether you’re liberal or whether you’re a conservative, you ought to be excited because he’s been on your side at one time or another.”

Watch the Republican bashing of Mitt Romney here:

Now one may argue that this is just standard politics, what with political rivals customarily tearing one another down in the name of winning the nomination. But with everything that is at stake, that is dangerously parochial view.


Because even with less than two weeks left in the election, no one — irrespective of what party you belong to — really knows exactly what this man stands for on anything.

Think I’m being dramatic?

Well, who can say what Romney’s policy is regarding foreign nations? Last week, when former Secretary of State Colin Powell explained why he is supporting President Obama for the second time, he said:

One day he has a certain strong view about staying in Afghanistan, but then on Monday night he agrees with the withdrawal. Same thing in Iraq. On almost every issue that was discussed on Monday night, Governor Romney agreed with the President with some nuances.

OK, well how about his economic policy? The entire campaign, Romney has been touting his success in Massachusetts, but in the Baltimore Sun, journalist Robert Lynch, wrote on Monday in an article entitled “On Job Creation, Obama Beats Romney“:

When Mitt Romney ran for Massachusetts governor in 2002, the private equity magnate said he was uniquely qualified to create jobs, particularly in the private sector, and to lure employers to the Bay State.

Instead, under his leadership the state was the fourth-weakest in the country for total job growth and the third-weakest for private-sector job growth — causing hundreds of thousands of his fellow residents to leave Massachusetts, seeking opportunities elsewhere, the data show.

So what are we in for, America? Clearly, this is no laughing matter but the joke will be on us if this country’s racism, ignorance, or voter lethargy gets the best of us.


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