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No, Mittens. You are not the President-Elect!

Though a few members of his campaign team seemed not to have gotten the memo, reports. It is not clear how Political Wire caught whiff of the site being live, but they grabbed a few screenshots of the site before it was quickly taken down.

“I’m excited about our prospects as a nation. My priority is putting people back to work in America, the cover of the site’s homepage read. It even had the date to “The Inauguration” in Washington, D.C., where he hoped he would be for the next four years.

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(Note to Mittens: The American people made sure there was one house your money could not buy!)

It was clearly a mistake, but it was a very funny (not to mention, an embarrassing one) that will make Mittens the brunt of jokes for days to come. I can see the meme’s coming now.

And, as would any transition site would look, Mitten’s crew had it all tricked out with links for folks to apply for jobs in his administration and a page for cabinet nominees. That’s OK, Mittens–PRESIDENT Barack Obama’s got all of that covered!

Check out the screen grabs below. They are pretty self-explanatory.