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Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry (pictured) will have to put off her relocation plans to move to France with her daughter Nahla (pictured), because Friday a judge ruled that she has to stay put in the United States.

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Berry, 46, who has gone through a long and bitter custody battle with her ex-Gabriel Aubry over their 4-year-old daughter, Nahla, filed a request to move back in February with the Los Angeles family court because she claimed to be in fear for her life as a result of being stalked by two men.

The two men who reportedly jeopardized Berry’s sense of safety are no longer behind bars.  Richard Franco, 28, who pleaded guilty to stalking the famed actress, was sentenced to 386 days behind bars but was given a credit for the 193 days he had already served.  He was released in January of this year.

Robert Hoskins, a man who had allegedly threatened to cut Berry’s and Madonna’s throats and was shot by the “Material Girl’s” body guards in 1995, escaped from a mental institution last week. Hoskins was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 1996, after Madonna testified that being in the same room with him made her “sick to her stomach.”

In addition to their safety, Berry also claimed that her privacy would be increased abroad because paparazzi laws regarding celebrities are much stricter, ensuring Nahla’s safety. Even though Berry and her fiance-actor Olivier Martinez wanted to start a new life abroad, the judge denied the couple the right to uproot the child’s life from the United States.

Aubry, 36, argued that Berry just wanted to separate him from his daughter. However unnamed sources claimed that this accusation wasn’t true.  “Halle was never going for full custody. That wasn’t what it was about,” a source told People magazine last year according to the Daily News. “Whatever the outcome, she wasn’t trying for that. There were just other issues that they couldn’t resolve, and therefore the courts had to intervene.”

Berry and Aubry, a French-Canadian model, met in 2005 on a photo shoot.  The pair produced a daughter in 2008, then two years later the battle began when they went their separate ways.  Since the break-up, the couple has battled each other in court, first asking for the court to formally recognize Aubry’s paternity, then asking the court to give them joint legal and physical custody over their daughter, followed by child support issues and finally the request to move abroad.

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