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Although pundits, news outlets, and just about everyone else said that Republican Party presidential nominee Mitt Romney was in a narrow battle with President Barack Obama ahead of last Tuesday’s election, the numbers went in favor of the incumbent and gave the cocky former governor a sound defeat. With the GOP smarting from the loss, the Internet has been unforgiving in its taunts and jokes since Election Day. A new site, however, just may have topped them all in detailing in real time how many fans Romney has lost on his Facebook fan pagereports social media site Mashable.

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The site has charts showing a real time count for Mitt Romney’s popular Facebook page, which boasts just more than 12 million fans who’ve liked the page.

Since the Republican lost the presidential election, though, Mashable writes that Romney’s page has lost roughly 850 users per hour.

Where are Romney’s fans going? Gawker writes that former Romney supporters could be flocking over to the Obama fan page because the President continues to gain fans, rubbing salt in the already open wound suffered by the Romney/Ryan campaign team.

Somewhere, Karl Rove is crying $300 million tears into his green tea.

Check out the site for yourself here.