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The tragic case of slain teen Trayvon Martin at the hands of faux security guard George Zimmerman may have fallen from the public eye for some, but a new development in the case is sure to catapult the matter back to the forefront. After carefully guarding the names of witnesses and other sensitive items of the case, lead prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda (pictured) made a huge mistake in leaking names of a dozen witnesses, which could derail the case altogether, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

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De la Rionda reportedly had a slip of the mind when delivering a new set of evidence on November 8th, which included witness names and other such information held from the public. This time, however, the witness names were placed in the public file, according to reports.

Although none of the names listed were expected to have a major impact on the case overall, Zimmerman’s defense attorneys can spin the gaffe into their favor. The violation of the court order from de la Rionda has motived Zimmerman’s attorney Mark O’Mara to have his office post all public filings from both sides.

This story is certain to develop.