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When Damaine Mitchell (pictured), who was charged with marijuana trafficking, stood before an Ohio judge on Wednesday, he had only one request: to have one last joint before surrendering to a drug treatment program, reports the Daily Mail.

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The 19-year-old offender, who was caught on June 12 of this year selling marijuana in a parking lot, claims to have been smoking the drug since the ripe young age of 10. For his crime, rather than sentencing him for a prison term of a year and a half, Judge Melba Marsh decided to cut him a break.

The Hamilton County, Ohio, Common Pleas Court judge offered to place Mitchell in a drug treatment program that would not only spare him from going to jail but his offense would also be expunged from his record. All that she asked of him was to give up smoking the drug.

That’s when things got dicey.

“That’s going to be hard for me to do, to be honest with you,” Mitchell explained to the judge.

When Judge Marsh informed Mitchell that he would have to stop smoking at least until April 2013 and that she would occasionally have him drug tested, the young man innocently replied, “That’s going to be a challenge. I like smoking weed.”

The judge then began going through a litany of potential holidays, asking Mitchell if he could refrain from smoking marijuana until such a time.  “Easter? Valentine’s Day? New Year’s Day? Christmas? Thanksgiving?” And still Mitchell told the judge that he would probably not be able to keep his non-smoking end of the bargain, “If I put my mind to it I can, [but] I won’t want to,” Mitchell said.

Instead, Mitchell asked for one more joint before he entered the drug-treatment program, “I know this is probably not the right question to ask [but] can I get a little time at least [to] get one more joint in?”

The astonished judge responded, “No, you can’t have one more joint for old time’s sake.”  She then added, “That’s the first time I’ve ever had a request for marijuana while they’re serving time in jail.”