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Barely a month after a Cleveland bus driver uppercut a disruptive female passenger on his route, another brawl between a bus operator and teenager on Monday in Baltimore went viral.

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The video shows the two women scrapping throughout the bus until the driver finally gains control of the teen. At the 1:47, the driver is heard repeatedly asking the girl, “You wanna fight somebody? Does it make you feel better?”

It’s not exactly known why they began knuckling up, but when another passenger inquires about its origin, the driver replies, “It’s about being disrespectful.”

The driver, who has worked for the Maryland Transit Administration since 2003, according to the Baltimore Sun, has been suspended pending further investigation.

Watch the fight here:

MTA authorities have also spoken with the two participants, whose identities remain private. Commenting on the matter, MTA spokesman Terry Owens said that “police will review the YouTube video. They are also pulling the video from the bus to see if it provides a more thorough picture of what happened.”

All we have to ask is, can bus drivers and passengers get along?