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UPDATE 5/10/13, 2:20 p.m. EST: The divorce between Terrence Howard and Michelle Ghent is finally settled, and according to the divorce decree, Ghent walks away from the marriage relatively empty-handed. Read more here.

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Actor Terrence Howard’s (pictured) long and drawn out nasty divorce from his ex-Michelle Ghent (pictured) is finally over, reports the Daily Mail.

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The dueling pair finally agreed to a settlement in August for a battle that has been dragging on since February of last year.

In the agreement, the couple has divvied up monies, properties, and other marital possessions, but over the last few months of the proceedings, the couple had stooped to some pretty low levels before going their separate ways.

Howard proclaimed from the rafters that Ghent was an “evil racist,” who gave him such vicious pet names as “monkey N-word.”  The 41-year-old Oscar-nominated performer also claimed that 33-year-old Ghent was adamant about the fact that she did not want any “N-word children” from him.

They never had any children together.

When Ghent would get upset with him, Howard alleged that she would oftentimes state that she never wanted to marry an N-word in the first place.

Howard also says that his ex even threatened to have him killed by violent Russians.

The couple tied the knot in January 2010 and Ghent filed for divorce a year later, alleging that there were repeated episodes of physical abuse which began within a week of their union.  Ghent was also granted a restraining order against Howard, which expires next week, at the same time she filed for divorce.  Reportedly, the ex-missus will not seek to make the restraining order permanent.

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Ghent also accused Howard of not only physical abuse, but of making violent threats toward her as well, saying that he threatened to throw her off a balcony and made added threats if she pursued a divorce.  Ghent claimed that Howard had dangerous mood swings that vacillated between anger and threats of violence to professing his love for her and begging for a reconciliation.

The star of the memorable 2006 film “Hustle & Flow” has denied all of his ex’s allegations, with Ghent also following suit and denying his accusations about her as well.

This will be Terrence’s third divorce.

Howard was married to his first wife, Lori McCommas, for 14 years,  and then they divorced in 2003 but re-married again in 2005.

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