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Former NFL star Warren Sapp (pictured) has reportedly fallen on hard times and is looking to cut back on a few things in order to lighten his financial load.  Instead of trimming his rather excessive lifestyle, he’d rather cut back on child support payments for one of his children, reports TMZ.

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The former defensive lineman, who has publicly cried that he is cash-strapped, is currently paying his ex, Angela Sanders, the Mother of one of his six children, $2,500 a month.

Sapp reportedly went to a Florida court recently to request that a child support deduction be granted because he just can’t afford to continue to give Sanders the fixed amount.

The agreed upon child support payments were arranged back in 2001, when Sapp was a money-making super-star with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  At the time, Sapp and Sanders added a clause to their agreement, which stated that there could be no modifications made based on income changes. At the time, Sapp put this clause in to protect his fortune.

Karma is a beatch!

Apparently, the old clause is now a problem for Sapp, who earlier this year filed for Chapter 7, the most-drastic bankruptcy alternative.  Not surprisingly, Sanders told TMZ that she is “frustrated” by Sapp’s recent request for a child support discount and thinks he is not playing fair.

Sapp, who once boasted that he was the proud owner of 240 pairs of Michael Jordan sneakers, was fine with the child support payments when he was rolling in the money, but now he wants to alter his contract with Sanders because his financial situation has changed.

But wait!

Sanders is not the only baby momma Sapp is looking to bring to court for a child support reduction request.

The 39-year-old sports analyst is also looking to cut back on the other child support agreements he made with the baby mommas of his other children.

In the meantime, Sapp’s particular case with Sanders is still pending a judge’s ruling.

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