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When Basketball Wives, Miami standout star,  Evelyn Lozada, was approached in LAX by TMZ to get her response to former NBA player Kenyon Martin saying that ‘BBW’ was “toxic to your soul,” she had two simple words:

“F*ck him.”

The brunette bombshell said that while she has turned over a new leaf, she still has no problem defending herself — but just not by throwing champagne bottles.

See Lozada respond to Martin below:

As previously reported by NewsOne,  Martin was asked how he felt about the show’s depiction of NBA marriages and he held nothing back:

“Honestly, I don’t watch that s**t, man,” said the former Los Angeles Clippers forward. “It’s toxic to your soul to watch that s**t, man.”

“I been married, man; that ain’t nothing that went on in my household.”

“F**k that show with a sick d**k, man.”


See clip below:

Lozada, who has been involved in an extremely public — and toxic — relationship with Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, said that if Martin hates the show so much, the choice is clear:

“I don’t think Kenyon knows what he’s talking about.”

“As far as saying it’s toxic, that’s fine … don’t f**kin’ watch the show … it’s just as simple as that.”

Basketball Wives will return to VH1 in March, 2013.