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Joseph Memar, 65, of Duluth, Georgia, is nothing if not determined.

Arrested June 28 for “criminal attempt to commit murder” against former friend and colleague, Ali Jabreilli, 59, Memar attempted to have the same man killed from behind bars.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports:

An informant warned police of Memar’s plan to kill a 59-year-old Norcross man for $3,000. Memar was arrested by undercover officers following a meeting with the man he tried to hire, according to police.

Since being at the Gwinnett County jail, Memar has tried again to have the same man killed by spreading the word through other inmates, Cpl. Jake Smith with Gwinnett police told The AJC on Monday.

“A plain clothes officer met with Memar during his visitation time,” Smith said. “Memar offered the undercover officer $10,000 to kill (the man) and directed him to a source outside the detention center for payment.”

When detectives approached that source, he refused to participate in the plot, Smith said. Memar has been charged with a second count of criminal attempt to commit murder and remains in jail without bond.

During Memar’s first attempt, he paid an informant $1,500 as a down payment for murdering Jabreilli. Police then went to inform the unsuspecting businessman that he was the target of a hit. To make Memar believe that the murder had been carried out, they told Jabreilli to lie down; once he did, they snapped a picture of him and altered it to make him appear dead and showed it to Memar.

See WSBTV report below:

Memar has been moved to a maximum security prison to lessen his contact with other inmates.

As previously reported by NewsOne, this type of “murder-for-hire” attempt is not as rare as one might think.

 In November of this year, Andrew Thomas, 18, was charged with solicitation of murder and solicitation of murder for hire for attempting to hire a hitman to kill his girlfriend and her children.

According to Cook County Sheriff’s police spokesman, Frank Bilecki, Thomas was serving time for battering his girlfriend and planned for the hit to take place before his next court appearance on December 3rd of this year. He offered $3,000 for the slaying of his girlfriend, and an additional $1,000 to kill 3 of her 4 children — aged from 2- to 4-years-old — if they got in the way.

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