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“Basketball Wives” star on reality television, and former football wife in reality, Evelyn Lozada, unveiled her global campaign for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals PETA on her website,

The former fur-wearer claims to have had a change of heart after going online and seeing the immense suffering and pain that animals go through to create fur apparel for humans. She hopes that by stripping down to the bare essentials, she may save the life of least one animal.

“I’m an animal lover,” she says in a new promo spot for the campaign. “I’m definitely one of those people who wore fur years ago. I was looking online and I saw how these animals are tortured…You don’t really realize the hurt and the pain that they go through.

“You can verbalize what happens to these animals a thousand times, but [when] you see it, it definitely clicks in—and it did for me.”

See Evelyn speak about animal cruelty and the fur industry below — WARNING: GRAPHIC FOOTAGE:

Lozada joins a list of celebrity PETA endorsers that include Pamela Anderson, Eva Mendez and Wendy Williams.



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