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Former NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal (pictured) is launching his own line of libations,”Luv Shaq” vodka, the New York Post reports.

He entered into an agreement Devotion Vodka, the producers of the coconut-flavored vodka. The drink will be sugar and gluten-free and the bottles will sport images of none other than the “Big Man.”

According to Drew Adelman, founder of Devotion Vodka, Shaq’s alcoholic beverage will go up against Sean “Diddy” Combs‘ popular Ciroc vodka but at a “more competitive price.”

The “Big Aristotle” has been busy since hanging up his jersey a year ago.

He has worked as a Turner Network sports analyst, lent his likeness to popular video games and is active in real estate. The “Big Aristotle” tried his hand at helping folks who face foreclosure in Florida. A superhero bailout specialist of sorts, he buys foreclosed properties, then sells them back to financially distressed owners at a much lower mortgage rate and with better terms.

His greatest accomplishment thus far has been getting his doctorate in leadership and education from Miami’s Barry University earlier this year.

Keep doing your thing Dr. Shaq!