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The latest incarnation of the famed Nike Air Jordan, 11 Bred (pictured), ignited a riot at a Huntsville, Ala., mall that reportedly had police officials pepper spraying droves of unruly consumers Thursday morning, reports the New York Daily News.

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More than 100 people stood on line at the Madison Square Mall — with some Air Jordan devotees reportedly on line overnight — to purchase the highly coveted kicks when a few people supposedly exchanged words and several fights broke out.

In addition, once the mall opened its doors, customers allegedly tried to stampede their way into the sporting goods supplier Hibbetts while the store’s clerks were handing out bands to customers could return for the shoes, which actually don’t hit retailers until Friday.

While the kicks are supposed to sell for $185, there are some Air Jordan 11 Breds that have already hit eBay and going for upwards of $300.

Once the fighting had calmed down and police were able to restore order, those mistakenly sprayed with pepper spray allegedly refused medical treatment so they wouldn’t lose their place in line.  According to Huntsville police, they had not seen a more disorderly mob like the one awaiting the latest Air Jordan kicks and not even the Black Friday shopping chaos could compare to the mayhem.

Those individuals who started the fights fled the scene, so no arrests made.

Last year, Air Jordans stirred up conflicts again when gunfire erupted outside a Vallejo, Calif., mall as 1,000 people waited in line to scoop up the 2011 version of the athletic shoe at a mall store.

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