Aston Barth (pictured) was charged with second-degree murder after allegedly admitting to police that he strangled his friend and neighbor Jason Campbell, 35, after a heated confrontation, according to the New York Daily News.

The 33-year-old then went on to tell police that he got hold of an axe and made several attempts to chop off Campbell’s head in an effort to dismember his body. According to Suffolk County assistant district attorney Glenn Kurtzrock , the assailant’s confession stated that, after striking his victim in the neck with the axe, he then came to the conclusion that, “He either realized he wouldn’t be able to do it or he changed his mind.”

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Barth then reportedly wrapped Campbell’s dead body in a number of blankets, placed a large black garbage bag over his head, then stuffed his torso into a closet.

With a criminal background that includes a laundry list of armed robbery convictions spanning the last 12 years, Barth is certainly no stranger to the criminal justice system.

Meanwhile, Campbell’s body was accidentally discovered on Christmas Eve by Barth’s mother and brother when they opened a bedroom closet door. Barth’s mother, Connie, told reporters that her son Aston had been mentally ill since childhood.

“My son needed medication but he wouldn’t take it,”  said Connie, according to the Daily News. “He would say ‘I can do this’ without medication.’ ”

Barth was arraigned on Tuesday and entered a plea of not guilty to the murder charge he faces.

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