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Good Morning America’s (GMA) co-anchor Robin Roberts, who has been on medical leave since August of this year, won’t be back on the popular talk show until late spring or even early summer, according to TMZ.

Reportedly, multiple sources spoke to the celeb website and revealed that Robert’s immune system is just too weak to even run the risk of her going through the rigors that her stressful job demands.

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The sources told TMZ that Roberts’ progress is coming along nicely but that her recuperation puts her on target with a return-to-work timeframe of May or even June of next year. Roberts is not jumping for joy over her doctor’s strict demands but she understands and is being compliant, say the sources.

Meanwhile, Roberts’ GMA bosses would rather see their co-anchor back on the interviewing couch as early as February of next year but they understand this is an impossibility, say the sources.

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Roberts was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007, went through chemo and thought that was the end of her health crisis. Five years later, the 52-year-old announced she had been diagnosed with MDS or myelodysplastic syndrome. In most cases, the disease worsens and patients develop low blood count caused by bone marrow failure.

Last October, Roberts underwent a bone marrow transplant and it was successful; however in November, she was stricken with a virus that landed her back in the hospital for a week.

Throughout her health crisis, Roberts has remained upbeat and her fans have been anxiously awaiting her return, sending her truckloads of emails and cards of well wishes for a speedy recovery.

We here at News One also wish you well Robin!