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Former NBA player Latrell Sprewell (pictured) was arrested for disorderly conduct on New Year’s Eve on a disorderly conduct charge for allegedly playing his music too loud at his Milwaukee home, The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports.

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Following complaints from neighbors on the afternoon in question and fielding countless calls in the past with regards to his alleged propensity to blast music at his home, the authorities decided to pay Sprewell a visit.

The 13-year NBA vet was cuffed at 4:15 p.m. and was not released until after midnight, so he brought in the New Year behind bars.

Sprewell made headlines in 1997 for choking his head coach during a practice while a member of the Golden State Warriors. He has gone on to receive even more negative press coverage since then. Sprewell last played for the Minnesota Timberwolves back in 2005. His stint with the team ended abruptly. He was offered a three-year contract to continue on with his Timberwolves and $21 million was placed on the table. He flatly refused the offer, infamously stating that the amount would not be enough to feed his children.

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Since his playing days, Sprewell has reportedly fallen on hard times: two of his homes been foreclosed; a prized yacht of his was sold at an auction in 2008 because he could not afford to keep up the payments; a woman accused him of strangling her.

And, to top it all off, Sprewell’s ex-girlfriend sued him for $200 million for ending their relationship after he had vowed to financially support her and their four children.