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Former Atlanta Braves player Andruw Jones (pictured), who only recently got put behind bars for allegedly assaulting his wife, Nicole Derick, on Christmas Day was served with divorce papers only one week later after the incident, reports NBC Sports.

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Jones and Derick have been married for 10 years and share a 9-year-old son.  As part of the divorce complaint, Derick contends that her nuptials to Jones is “irretrievably broken.” The miffed missus is also requesting that a judge reassess the prenuptial agreement she signed and declare it null and void.

According to a police report that was filed after the alleged assault, Derick told authorities that her husband “dragged her down a staircase, grabbing her neck and saying he wanted to kill her.”  The fight between Jones and Derick allegedly ensued after she asked him to help her tidy up the house following a Christmas party.  Derick went on to recount to police that when she made an attempt to get away from her husband by trying to run up some stairs, Jones allegedly yanked her ankles and menacingly threatened her by yelling, “I want to kill you!”

Derick managed to get away from Jones, who she claims was slightly intoxicated, and hightailed it to her parent’s home who lived nearby. Derick then reportedly summoned the police, with officials attesting to the fact that she had sustained visible injuries.  Later, when officers paid Jones a visit, he was asleep and was confused as to why they were at his door.

Still, even though Jones was arrested for the alleged assault of his wife, the incident is not named in the divorce complaint.

According to the divorce filing, Derick is requesting custody of their son, child support, alimony, and half of their acquired properties.

The recent household hoopla between Jones and Derick, the Curaçaoan ball player who just signed a one-year, $3.5 million contract to play for the Rakuten Eagles in Japan, will reportedly not affect his plans to go through with the overseas deal.

Can somebody say, “Gloria Allred?”

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