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After the capture of fellow bank robber and Chicago prison escapee, Joseph “Jose” Banks, 37, (pictured right), on December 20, Kenneth Conley, 38 (pictured left), still managed to elude law enforcement, but the jig is finally up. Conley was captured Friday in South Suburban Palos Hills wearing an elderly man disguise, according to FBI officials.

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The Chicago Tribune reports:

Palos Hills Police Deputy Chief James Boie said officers apprehended Conley with the help of two maintenance men working in the 10200 block of South 86th Terrace, who called police at about 3:30 p.m. to report a “suspicious person” walking down the street.

Responding personnel found a man dressed in an overcoat and pretending to use a cane. He had a dark hat pulled down low over his head and appeared to be trying to look older than he actually was, Boie said. Another police official said he also was wearing glasses as part of the disguise.

“Our officers stopped to talk to him and he said he was just visiting,” Boie said. “He gave them a phony name, and while they’re trying to run the information, he got wise that they were going to figure it out and he pushed one of the officers down and took off running.”

When police were called about the suspicious person, a lieutenant, a sergeant and an officer initially went to check it out, said police Chief Paul J. Madigan.

When Conley could not provide identification a struggle broke out, with Conley taking a swing at one of the officers before fleeing into one of the buildings, Madigan said.

Conley was finally apprehended when he tried to break into someone’s apartment, Madigan said.

When asked about her son’s capture, Sandra Conley didn’t have much to say:

“I’m just glad it’s over. That’s my only comment,” she said.

See AP report below:

As previously reported by NewsOne, Conley and Banks used over 200 feet of bedsheets to scale the walls of Chicago prison to their freedom. State, federal and local law enforcement, including a SWAT team, had been looking for the pair.

Banks, known as the Second-Hand bandit because of his penchant for wearing used clothing during his heists, was convicted of stealing over $600,000 from two banks and attempting to rob two more.

Conley, who wore a suit and tie, and carried a gun in his waistband during his robbery, was convicted of stealing  almost$4,000 from a Homewood Bank.

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