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Katt Williams was arrested at his Los Angeles home Tuesday night and released early Wednesday morning, TMZ reports.

The arrest stems from a bench warrant a Sacramento judge issued after Williams missed an arraignment connected to his three-wheeled police chase back in November. Williams was charged with evading a police officer while driving recklessly. The LAPD was aware of that the comedian was wanted, so detectives arrested Williams after spotting him. Law enforcement officials say Williams was fully cooperative.

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After he was released from jail this morning around 6 a.m., Williams explained the arrest. He claims that his Sacramento court date and a Los Angeles court date involving the custody of his children were on the same day. Williams told TMZ that he chose to attend the child custody case because that one was more important.

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When asked if he regained custody, Williams said, “No, I actually don’t [have custody] … the lady who tried to take ’em and lost in court twice, they gave ’em to her.”

Let us hope Williams gets his legal battles sorted out soon.