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From TheStimulist:

Barack Obama has inspired the nation’s artists like no president in generations.  From the famous video to Shepard Fairey’s hope poster, we have been bombarded by tributes to 44 large and small. They’ve taken numerous forms, including spicy YouTube videos, moving poetry, and even some funky dance moves. And while the tributes certainly have slowed, they haven’t stopped yet.

But let’s face it: we only get to see the tributes that make the cut. Sure, we’ve seen tons of pieces that are moving, creative, and hilariously funny, but there are millions of duds out there. Want to see the bad and the ugly, not just the good? fills the void, bringing American Idol’s classic one-two combo to Obama art: we get the hilarity of the early round bombs and the smug superiority of Simon Cowell.

Below, a mini-retrospective of the site’s best (or should it be worst?) finds:

Source: The Stimulist


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