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Los Angeles police were summoned to R&B singer Chris Brown’s home after they were told there was a domestic violence situation brewing at the residence. However, it turned out to be one big hoax, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Police were called sometime before 5 p.m. Monday but were not informed that the site of the complaint was Brown’s home. When officers arrived, they found members of the performer’s staff present, but the singer was actually not on the premises.

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After a thorough search of Brown’s manse, investigators could not find any issues to contend with.

Police suspect the called was just a juvenile hoax known as “swatting.”  It involves summoning police departments and getting them to respond with swat teams to alleged complaints at the homes of celebrities.

Hollywood A-listers who have recently been marked by swatting are Tom Cruise, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Ashton Kutcher. Last month, police arrested an unidentified 12-year-old juvenile whom they say masterminded a swatting scheme against Kutcher and Bieber.

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Swatting, cops say, is extremely dangerous because it places first responders and citizens in harm’s way.